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TS420’s Newsfeed



May 2nd & 9th, 2016

– Still 100% delivery rates when using UNTRACKED shipping on 100+ parcels sent
– Around 96% delivery rates when using tracked/express on 150+ parcels sent

– Wax & Shatter should be available in the next couple of weeks, price will blow your mind 😉

– Nous allons etre bientot ouvert sur le French Darknet Market (French only market)



April 25th, 2016

– Nothing important to mention
– Purple Kush batch is FIRE, lots of purple etc


April 18th, 2016

– We source a high quantity of “AAA” Silver haze
– Product is much better than “AA” SH, smells better more thc etc

– Still no idea what is going on
– PM us if you have some information please



April 14th, 2016

– Nucleus has been down for the last ~48h, hopefully it will be back online soon
– Last order sent/processed were Tuesday the 12th @ ~12h00EST (gtm -05h00)
– We unfortunately can’t do anything right now if you did order after that

– Should be back on sale in a month or so

(Service en Francais disponible)

*** If you are planning to purchase merchandise from our organization, then you are requested to read chapter {01 to 08} below as well as the coveted item’s listing. MAKING AN ORDER WITH US ASSUME THAT YOU AGREED AND UNDERSTOOD ALL OF OUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS {07} ***

TS420’s Index




*This introduction chapter is essentially a synopsis about our endeavor. The following chapters contains more precise and indepth information.*

Hello! We are glad to see you’ve clicked here =)

Let us introduce ourselves, we are TS420 aka TopShelf420. We are specialize in selling weed from Canada in bulk volume. Our journey began in June 2014 on Evolution marketplace with one simple goal in mind: offer top product at transcendent prices along with world-class customer services. This venture’s beginning were modest but word slowly spread about our deals. Fast forward to the present time and we now hold a major share of the DNM’s international weed trade.

Passionate entrepreneurs are in control of TS420’s. We greatly benefited from various experiences in honest ventures/start-ups and eventually the “not so” legitimate ones before lauching into this marvelous journey. Most competitors won’t be able to emulate the service we provide periodically. Aside from the obvious financial gains of this adventure, we take pleasure in providing this service. It is really an honor to be part of this revolution and having the chance to interact on a day-to-day basis you guys !

Since the lunch of this enterprise, over 7000+ orders has been succesfully delivered. The approximative 99.5% positive feedback speaks for itself. Needless to say, this operation is a terrifically well oiled machine.

Please, take a quick look at our grams profile. This platform has compiled all our DNMs activities to date. It also include the majority of the markets we currently/has been selling on. You can verify the information above by clicking on this link :
Link –> http://grams7enufi7jmdl.onion/infodesk/vendor/0x3BDB171DFFA47A4A

If you have any questions, feel free to send us a private message. You might want to have a glance at the FAQ {09} below, an answer to your question is likely to be found there. If not, it will be a pleasure to answer your query.

Recent annoncements regarding our business can be viewed on our forum’s feedback thread and at the top of our profile page. This thread contains detailed feedbacks written by connaisseur about our services. Don’t be shy to post, this community is fantastic =)


We are currently selling on those markets under TS420’s name.
Shop: pwoah7foa6au2pul.onion/user.php?id=70286
Statement/feedback thread: pwoah7foa6au2pul.onion/forum/index.php?threads/ts420-official-statement-feedback-thread.13115/
Shop: darkheroesq46awl.onion/vendor_profile?vid=564
Statement/feedback forum: darkheroes3yjsl2.onion/index.php?board=86.0
Dream Market
Shop: lchudifyeqm4ldjj.onion/contactMember?member=TS420
Statement/feedback thread: tmskhzavkycdupbr.onion/viewtopic.php?id=12289
Shop: nucleuspf3izq7o6.onion/user/profile/e0a27bfc32c6065b07bc692731293e15a6f3c1e5
Statement/feedback thread: z34uj4opd3tejafn.onion/viewtopic.php?id=1501
The Hub
Statement/feedback thread: thehub7gqe43miyc.onion/index.php?topic=10618.0



1. | Simple and straightforward |
Ordering from us is essentially money in the bank. You are actually going to receive this high quality canadian cannabis you ordered. Even better, it will likely be within 6 business days(Europe). On top of this, it will be delivered in a very stealthy/safe method. Who would’ve believe it?

2. | Eager to build solid foundation for the future |
Economics 101 will teach any of its students that providing good business will ensure that a customer will buy AGAIN and AGAIN. This will lead the organization to GROW and be more stable. Keeping in mind this core idea, we always give our 100% on any orders. It does not make a difference if it worth 100$ or 5000$, we give our best service to every customers. Thanks to this “new” way of doing business (DNMs), we have successfully secured many business relationships all around the world. This is perhaps your chance to build you own business, who knows ?

3. | Supporting the medical marijuana movement |
There is a huge market of “Law abiding citizen” whom have no safe access to proper medical marijuana. It is always heartwarming to help out some people with their health and improving their quality of life. A fraction of our profits goes back to the non-profit organisation who works fearlessly to make the medical cannabis more accessible. We are strong believer of cannabis untapped medicinal properties.

4. | Transparency |
In the past, we have made mistakes on order and chances are this will happen again. We always acknowledge our mistakes and don’t play any kind of games whatsoever. Quality expectation is extremely important and we try our best to put the most accurate/honest grading for each product. Heck, our product “review/grading” has been so constant that some people order from us even before we upload a picture based on past experiences . Canada is lucky to have its weed free of any harmful contaminants. However, we do not take this for granted and keep the quality control high by having “scheduled” check-ups.

5. | Exitscam free |
If you have been around for some time, you have seen your fair share of exit scam… Chances are you have perhaps been a victim of one.
Yes, we do require FE on all our orders and yes we could run away with your hard-earned money. You know it, we know it, there is no denying here.
However, I would like you to see it from OUR perspective…
* We offer escrow on DHL since we have enough faith in this market given the infrastructure it has been created on and how it is manage. (they really want the least amount of bitcoin passing throughout their wallets).
** Escrow is available on any platform on order of 28g and below

Setting up this kind of service took us a ridiculous amount of time, capital and countless hours !
Quite frankly, since the DNMs are much more “mainstream”, the competition is only increasing. We strongly believe that it would be close to impossible to start a new vendor account and gaining a similar market share with the reputation that we have built. It would only take us around 6-7 weeks worth of profit to match a potential exit-scam. We do not believe that anyone in his right mind would do such action. It is economically non-viable and it is a scumbag move.

Note: Why do we ask for FinalizeEarly ?
This policy has been implemented a while ago because we don’t fully trust any DNMs (DarkNet Markets) with all the events that has been occuring within the last couple of months. If you are new to the community, it is imperative that you know that many markets have vanished with escrow money (leaving a major lost for sellers with money tied in escrow as their product are on the way to reach client). With the current volume that we send daily, we unfortunately can’t risk these funds.

6. | Your security |
Security,privacy & freedom are our number 1 concern when doing business with you.

In other terms :
– We will NEVER store any addresses or any other personal data, we only store the necessary information for accounting and follow-up purposes (username/order date/Qty/etc)
– We will NEVER contact you anywhere else other than in the DNMs secure infrastructure.
– We will NEVER try to DOXX you and/or threaten you under any circustances.


1. | 98%+* delivery rate worldwide |
The delivery rate hovers around 98% worldwide (scam attemps or other “bizarre” situation included). The confirmed seized items is approximately 0.3% with items sent via envelopes thus far.
Constantly beating the customs is a never ending cat & mouse game. This company uses the very best possible stealth (that we know of). We are always tweeking our method to keep up to date with the ideas propose on forum by the community. To give you an idea, we have upgrated our envelope stealth around 6 or 7 times in the past 12 months ;).

2.| 100% Smell proof |
All the orders are vacuum seal and then MBB (heavy duty ones) less than 24 hours before they get physically dispatch. We NEVER pre-packed to keep avoid damaging the product. In addition, there is are two quality labs room with air ventilation at the shipping facility. This ensure that the location where we do the “inner” smelly work never contamine the “exterior” room. All items layer are cleaned with ISO alcool and gloves are changed after each step. This ensure that there will never be any smell whatsoever and making sure it would pass the best K9 there is.

3.| Superior decoy system |
Your order will look like an extremely non-suspicious/business letter. The postman will have no suspicion of what is inside the envelope when he physically manipulates the envelope with his finger. Finally, we have over 60 different business “Templates”, we use different size/colored envelopes & dispatch from different cities to ensure that no pattern is been profile. We give a lot of importance to blend in with the rest of the mail and never raise the suspicion of anyone, especially the customs.

4. | No signature |
Our team uses the “regular” CanadaPost courrier’s system. All orders are sent UNTRACKED in an envelope that will NOT require any signature.
If you use a postal box, it is YOUR RESPONSABILITY that the envelope fits in. Just ask us if “X” items fits in “X” by “X” by “X” postal box. We are not responsible in the event that you have to go pick it up at the post office.


1. | Expeditious shipping |
Tons of data has been compiled from customer to provide a realistic time estimates. Obviously, delays can and will occur sporadically. We guaranty you that we did everything in our power to avoid delays. We do hope you realise that delays are most likely caused by a 3rd party whom we have absolutely no control over. Make sure to carefully read chapter {06} ADRESSING GUIDELINES to minimize delay occurance through wrong adresses.

2. | Time estimates |
Day counts are inclusively “business” one, weekend and holidays do not count.

Europe, United Kingdom & Scandinavia
3-7DD (approx 55% chance of happening)
8-15DD (approx 30% chance of happening)
16-30DD (approx 13% chance of happening) – Contact us
31-60DD (approx 2% chance of happening)

Other part of the world (The farther/lesser industrialize country you live in.. the longer it will take)
5-9DD (approx 30% chance of happening)
8-15DD (approx 45% chance of happening)
16-30DD (approx 20% chance of happening) – Contact us
31-60DD (approx 5% chance of happening)



1. | Always around |
All of our selling platforms are monitored and dealt with twice per day. This ensure a prompt response to various queries and preparing the items needed to be dispatched in a timely manner.

2. | Step by step |
Step 1: As soon as we receive your order, we immediately make sure the product is available and that the address you did forward isn’t missing any crucial information. If anything is wrong about it, you will be notified.

Step 2: We meticulously prepare the product (always 0.5 to 1g overweight) and then we professionally assemble your decoy.

Step 3: Your order is now ready to be dispatched to Canada Post system.

Step 4: When we get the actual confirmation from our “runner” that all the order were successfully dispatched, the order status is changed to “shipped”. You will also receive a notification PM.

It usually take around 12 to 24 hours for your order to change to a “Shipped” statue and to receive the confirmation PM.
Note: It is extremely rare that your order takes more than 24 hours to be sent out.


1. | Upgrade the delivery speed |
It would be in your best interest to ensure that your address contains the proper information and the proper layout to ensure a risk-free, lightning quick shipment (CAN–>EU 3-6DD).
Most of the world’s postal services uses sophisticated machines that “scan” the addresses data within milliseconds. Unfortunately, those machines have their standards and requires the information to be precise and in a unique template to sort out the inbounding mail.
When those machine can’t sort the mail, they sent it to another “room” so a human physically review and sort the order. The majority of delays (3+ weeks) are caused by address errors. If the machine scan is successful, your envelope avoid unnecessary human intervention and decrease the suspiciousness of any potential human handling.

2. | Correct addressing link |
The above really is a gamebreaker, here is a link to a website that will make sure that the machines will sort your address.
Link *CLEARNET* –> http://lookup.addressdoctor.com/LookupLandingPage/default.aspx?lang=en
Fortunately, we have a vast experience in shipping items worldwide and we know the correct addressing needed/required in most countries. Therefore, we usually identify addresses deficiancies and automatically adjuste the address. We don’t personally use the above website, but make us a favor and don’t let us the chance to miss a potential address error!

Note: We can’t stress enough how important it is for you to encrypt your address when you send it to us. Don’t give the chance to any 3rd party knowing what is going on between you and us !

*Additional tip: You might want to keep a save file containing your encrypted address in a proper format for each of your drop locations. Computers will always execute a “Copy&Paste” without making any mistakes. We humans can and will make errors. It would be a tragedy if an order is sent to a wrong place as a result of a typo.


1. | Refund policy & “Lost” order claims |
Any* seized order is entitled to a 50% refund or 75% reship policies (to another address you deem fit). Your refund claim will only be deemed valid IF you present us an UNDENIABLE proof of the actual seizure of said order (Eg; a letter from customs etc). We reserve the right to refuse your claim if the documents you forwarded us aren’t conclusive. Market’s support might be able to help you if this unlikely case occures.
Using the correct addressing layout {6}, shall GREATLY reduce the chances of having an items deemed “lost”. In the event of a legitimate problem with correct adressing, a letter from the customs shall be on the way. It takes around 25 to 60 days to receive this letter starting from the day we sent the item. As you know, this occurance is extremely rare (0.3%) on envelopes (100g and less).
If you fail to present us with any documents backing up your claims, we will not be able to help you out. Many people have tried to scams us in the past. We know for a fact that some of them were successeful as our policies were less explicit. Therefore we implemented a much more strict refund policy than prior.
Please make sure to have absolute control over your incomming drop locations; as friend and relative could perhaps want to taste your cannabis.


*We do NOT issue refunds to any of those country; Australia, Brazil, Russia, Turkey, Germany and any very small country/islands (pm us to know if we offer refunds to your destination). Those country agree to file a positive feedback regardless of the order’s outcome. Order at your own risk.

*Except TRACKED & EXPRESSPOST order, they have a 35% refund/50% reship policies since they are more risky.

2. | Overall service disappointement |
Our cannabis grading system {08} and shipping services {03,04,05,06} are provided to the best of our lengthy experience in this particular field. Any opinion, statement, recommendation or anything whatsoever shall not provide a guaranty. We can advise you on the product but it is your responsibility to ensure that what you order satisfy your needs. We purposely overweight our order by around 1g to reduce the claims of “underweight by 2-3g”. We are not responsible if you did not go over our detail listing prior to buying a specific product as some of them contain disclaimers.

3. | TS420 sent the wrong item |
Unfortunately, errors are bound to happens. It did happen to us more than once to send the wrong amount/product to a customers. If you realise that you didn’t exactly receive what you ordered, you NEED TO KEEP the whole package (envelope, MBB etc). We have a system with “code” (very visible) in the packaging in order to ensure your are not trying to pull a “fast one” by claiming something along the lines of “You send 10g when I indeed ordered 100g”. There will be a double verification with our database and the code in order to be 100% sure of what we sent was indeed it, if you can’t provide the “code”, we won’t be able to do anything for you. Keep in mind that this is also a very rare occurance since we do a double verification system when processing orders.

4. | Delay policies |
We are not responsible for any delays that occured after an order was shipped. It is your responsabilty to check if you country’s postage system is working properly. It is also your responsability to provide us with a proper address to ensure a lightnight fast delivery {06}. We can’t 100% guarentee that the machine will scan your address, we try to stack the odds in a positive outcome for the both of us.

5. | Additional note |
Our goal is to do great business. We work our asses off to satisfy customer’s high expectations over our services. If there is ANYTHING wrong with your order, please PM us before writing a feedback or posting on the forums. Most of the time we are really layback and deal with any REASONABLE issues at the best of our capacity. We understand that the above policies looks very strict, but like mentionned above, we have no choice given the high levels of scammers.

Leaving a negative feedback WILL void any reship/refund in place and shall terminate any potential for future business.

Has been approved by many connaisseurs within this community.

| AAAA | World-Class weed | 10/10 |
Hightimes magazine worthy. Everything about this weed is sublime. There will be a couple of thing that will “wow, wtf” you. Most likely the very best weed you will get in years. This weed is rather hard to source, make sure to grab an Oz when it is on sales.

| AAA | Incredible weed | 9/10 |
All around close to perfection. Greatly cured, fresh, nice dank green color. Smell and taste very nice. High quality product, all your mates will be impressed by it.

| AA | Great weed | 8/10 |
Best value for your money. Our AA could be marketed as AAA on here, but we like to be honest and upfront with our customers. Overall it has no flaws (no seeds,shake,mold etc) but it simply isn’t AAA. Everything is deemed nice to great about this grade.

| A | Good weed | 7 |
Gives you nice high but sometimes there is something lacking on the overall bud. It could be smell or it has some seeds/shake. Resale potential is huge given the price, my customers find it very nice and I never had any complaint about the quality.

| B | Passable weed | 6 |
Depending on the price it could be good for you. There is something WRONG with this weed. It could be that it isn’t fresh (dark/brownish). It might be that there isn’t lots of trichomes or smell “bad”, bad trim jobs etc. It is still weed that will get you stone, but it is not something that you will really enjoy like higher quality grades.

| C | Bad weed | 5 |
This weed is not nice at all, it has a combination of wrong thing that could happen to weed. Pick any 2 or 3 of the following: Bad smell, dried up, freezeburnt, slight mold, almost no trichomes, not very potent, smokes bad, lots of shake, lots of trims, burn your troth like crazy. Overall it looks bad and you will not be impressed. BUT, it still is dope that will get you stone.

| D | Terrible weed| 3 |
This is shit weed (lol) and barely smokeable. This has a combination of 3+ of the allowing: Bad smell, dried up, freezeburnt, slight mold, almost no trichomes, not very potent, smokes bad, lots of shake, lots of trims, burn your troth like crazy. This is barely considered dope anymore.


1. | Financial |

A) Can you make me a special price ?
– Price are non-negotiable.

B) Can you send me product first and I pay later?
– Really ?

C) Will prices stay the same for a while ?
– We honestly can’t know, we haven’t changed our prices and product price in Canada has moved quite a lot. We aim to offer stable prices for our customers.

D) I have been scammed lately, can you offer me escrow just once ?
– This is not possible, I have to be equally fair to our customers.
* We now offer escrow on DHL.

E) I don’t trust any markets, can we do direct deals ?
– We are not doing any direct deals for now, fortunately this new DHL market will allow buyers to send directly to the sellers wallet. Check it out !

F) Can you send me a free sample, I am bulk buyer who test out sellers ?
– Yeah, right ^^

2. | Product |

A) Do you have a lot of “X” product in store.
– I can’t comment on this for OPSEC reasons.

B) Will you have “X” product back soon ?
– Other than “PPP”,”M39″ & “PK”, I can’t tell the future.

C) Is “X” better than “Y” product ?
– We have a detailed rating system about this.

D) Is “X” strain containing stems or seeds ?
– That will be covered within said listing, we are transparent about those kind of thing.

E) Can you source “X” product ?
– Unlikely

F) Can you source “A” grade indoor grown weed ?
– Unlikely, you need to be a terrible grower to achieve outdoor quality product.

3. | Order |

A) Will I have to sign for my order ?
– No, you should never be required to do so.

B) Can you ship to a PO box ?
– Yes, we can. PM me the size of this box and I will tell you what you can order.

C) Can you send me a sample ?
– If you order 25g+ and I give you a sample of a product you want to try. Tell it to me in address field.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our business practices. We do hope that you place an order to test the water.