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Bitcoin Mixer:

This is the real Mr_Maserati from Evolution; check public key

leaving positive feedback will earn you privileges in terms of extra gear next order!

Mr Maserati back from Holiday

Requirement for NO REPUTATION:
Buyers with a reputation level < 2 should offer FE + positive feedback in advance!!!
And No-Reship, only with proof of customs letter.

New accounts/ harming users, we know it is easy to open a new account and try to claim bullshit!
In this case, we forward all accounts to admin of AB, and we file issuing addresses to protect ourselves.

For UK scammers, all your addresses will be saved up and this will be for entering for an investigation.
The honest/loyal buyers will be not harm on this case.

We are NOT active in Nucleus Market, so don’t order from there please!!! Be aware from scammers/hackers!!!

USA, only from 3.5g or above!! NO-RE-SHIP under any circumstances!

MrMaserati Vendor since 19 November 2014 as “mr_maserati”on Evo

MrMaserati active on:

▀▄ Hansa

▀▄ Dreammarket

▀▄ Valhalla Silkkitie http://valhallaxmn3fydu.onion/register/FTep and

▀▄ AlphaBay


★Review page: ★

★Review page: ★

This goes out to all the scammers: We are one of the very few honest vendors on all DNM’s, show some respect and don’t ruin it for the honest buyers!

About us:
We aim to bring you the best quality products for the lowest price possible.
All questions will be answered within 24 hours or less.

Finding a reliable vendor/buyer and vice versa is a BIG DEAL in this time of period. Therefore returning customers will benefit loyalty from MrMaserati when they write feedback!

★ ★ ★ ★ IMPORTANT ★ ★ ★ ★
– Re-order only possible with positive or neutral feedback and WITHOUT ANY ISSUES as we know very good what we are doing.

– Re-ship 50% to NEW ADDRESS after package being seized (you should show some proof (letter from customs))

AFTER THIS RE-SHIP re-order with both addresses is not possible in future again!

– Returning customers are entitled to 50% refund or 50% reship if no-show after 15 business days. Outside EU up to 40 business days, depending the location.

We will handle each situation with care and make sure we find a solution that fits both parties. New customers without previous orders on ANY market will get 0% refund and 0% reship BUT we will carefully look at the situation and negotiate a solution. This is our way to protect us from scams.

Terms of bussiness:
★ By ordering you accept everything that is written in our profile.
★ Before sending us a message make sure to read the FAQ.
★ We don’t ship to: Australia (only on responsibility of buyers) under any circumstances.
★ No reship to accounts less than level 5.
★ No reship to UK without customs letter.
★ Make sure you format your address correctly.
★ Allow us to fix any issue with a shipment before leaving any negative feedback.
★ Always include your Order ID when asking a question about an order.
★ Always contact us within 30 days from the order date if there is a problem, after that we can’t help you.

★ MrMaserati’s FAQ – Read this before ordering! ★

Q. Can I pay you extra to ship with DHL or with tracking?
A. No. We only use tracking on wholesale orders. We will never offer tracking or express shipping on small orders, nor will we ever use DHL or any express shipping company.

Q. I need my gear on friday because it’s my birthday, will they arrive on time if I order today?
A. We can never guarantee shipping times. If you need them on time, order a week before!

Q. Can I pay you extra for faster shipping?
A. No, you can’t. We only use regular priority and we always ship within 24hours (all working days).

Q. How long will it take for my order to arrive?
A. Read our profile, and don’t pin us on this. Just be patient, and don’t contact us before 15 days have passed since you ordered.

Q. I’m want to order bulk, but can you send me a sample first?
A. No. If you are a potential bulk customer you can do a small order first.

Q. I live in “…”, can you ship to my country?
A. Read our profile! It states all the country’s we ship and don’t ship to.

Q. I only received xx g, but I ordered xxx g! (underweight or mistake)
A. We split some orders in two for maximum stealth. Mostly anything over 50 units or 25 grams.

Q. I’m short 0,000342 coin, could you please help me?
A. No, we are not running a charity here.It is not a philanthropic institution. Imagine trying that at the local store….

Q. I’m from USA, can you make an exception and ship to me?
A. YES! We ship to the US but no re-ship for non-arrivals under any circumstances PERIOD!

Q. Do I need to finalize early (FE) ?
A. No! Only when the order seems suspicious we require FE. Finalise Early means you should rate the transaction positive before we ship your gear.

Q. Where do I get bitcoins?
A. Ask on the forums, we can’t help with that.

Q. I released funds, when will you send the letter?
A. The next day, so please don’t ask.

★ Our products ★:
The products we have on offer are always LAB tested and we guarantee the best possible quality.
If anything is not up to standard feel free to contact us.
Much like a shop we aim to sell as much different products as possible.
Missing anything specific? Feel free to contact us!

★ Feedback ★:
We love good feedback and we take it very serious.
So please make sure to leave us feedback after receiving your product.
If there is any problem with your order please contact us first before leaving negative feedback.

Don’t give us negative feedback before talking to us!!
There is always something we can do to fix the problem.
And don’t give us threat us with negative feedback!

★ Security and shipping ★:
We take security very serious.
Therefore we advise our customers strongly to encrypt any sensitive information with our PGP.
We will never store your address longer than necessary.

★ Shipping ★:
All items are shipped with highly professional looking envelopes and excellent stealth.
All products are vacuumsealed once and have an outer MBB layer to ensure no smell will ever penetrate the packaging.
We aim to provide a stealth that can withstand any customs, even when the envelope is opened.

Allthough we think our stealth will reach almost any country.

– We won’t ship to the following country’s under any circumstances:

★ Netherlands

– We ship to the following countrys at own risk: (no refunds or re-ships!)

★ India
★ Scandinavian Countries
★ Ireland
★ Brazil
★ Czech Republic
★ Italy
★ Australia

This means when it doesn’t arrive, you don’t get a refund!!
Please understand this when ordering!

All retail orders are shipped with high priority mail, which required no signature and is delivered to your mailbox.

When ordering please format your address using the following template for your specific country:
We retain the right to cancel any order with incorrect address formatting.

Estimated shipping times:
★ UK 2~6 days
★ Canada 6~17 days
★ EU 5~17 days
★ Asia 20~40

For the correct filling of your address, please check the follow website: