We dont ship to the following countries:
The Netherlands, Norge, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Switzerland


”Silver Ice” Ice-O-Lator Hash AAAAA+++++++
”Blonde Dream” Maroccan Hash Coffeeshop
”Black Bubble” Afghan Hash Coffeeshop
Original Columbian Cocaine ~89%Pure
Original Crystal Meth Ice 83%Pure
Original Indian S-Isomer Ketamine ~83%Pure
”Meow Meow” Mephedrone Crystals 99%Pure
Original Dutch MDMA Crystals ~83%Pure

Hello we are the German-Dutch-Team!
We provide you with the best stuff directly from the motherland of drugs: The Netherlands!

We work always absolutely professionell and fast!
We Only offer stuff from the best, highest and cleanest quality for great prices!
We never cut the products, you always get what you see on the pictures!!!!(for sure we have to cruch the stuff for security reasons before we ship it to your destination, safety first please understand it!)

Placing your Order:

You order 2 items or more? Select for every following item the shipping option”second item”, for the first item ALWAYS use the shipping option ”Europe First Item”.
Sounds hard, but its fucking easy ;D
We dont accept services like privnote and and and, always note your addres in the buyer notes, we dont open links, never!
After you opened your package and you are in love with the DGT-Stuff please release your money fast as possible, write a positive feedback and press the ”trust” Button at my profile! Thanks!
Note your addres in the right form please its so important, always check it 3times before you place your order!

Full Name
Street and Number
Zip Code and City/Town

like this:

Max Van Hoorn
Hauptstrasse 9
27190 Berlin

All other formats are not correct, always check this please, its very important for your safety and the shipping speed!

All products are vac sealed 2 times and all bags are cleaned with alkohol many times! no one will smell it, no postman, and no police-dog for sure!!!!
We use a special stealth, i cant explain more, but your order will always arrive!!!!
All orders placed in my shop fits the normal mailbox and NO signature is required!

No P.O. Boxes/pakketbox/packstation/Postlagernd ect!!!!
i dont answer questions why, understand it please!

From Monday to Friday, we dont ship @ the weekend, we have a live, we work hard and somethimes we need some break, please understand it and dont send to many massages, we answer always fast a possible!
All orders will be shipped 4-24hours after placed, please dont ask for thinks like: ”please contact me after my order is send, is my order already send?”
the answer is always the same: all orders will be shipped within 24hours!

1. When will my order shipped?
Your order will be shipped within 24 hours after marked ”Shipped”! Please dont ask questions like: ”Can you tell me the exact shipping date?” ”Hey my friend please ship my order ASAP!”
2. How long does it take my order to arrive?
Germany, United Kingdom, France, Luxembourg, Belgium: 2-5 max.12 working days(mo-fri)
Spain, Portugal, Italie, Austria, Denmark 3-6 max.13 working days(mo-fri)
Poland, Czech-Republic, Slovenia, Latvia, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Croatia 3-7 max.15 working days(mo-fri)
Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania 3-8 max. 16 working days(mo-fri)
We dont answer questions like, when will my order arrive? how long does shipping takes? What date was my order shipped? In case of non arrival, whait the max. day time before contacting us please, sometimes the post takes longer, i cant do something, please understand it, we dont work for the post and we dont know the exact arrival date!
3. Is tracking possible?
No never, we dont answer questions about it, please understand it, thanks!
4. Is Shipping to P.o.-Boxes/Packstadtionen/postlagernd/postfach possible?
No never, we dont answer questions about it, please understand it, thanks!
5. Do you accept other paymend methods as Bitcoin?
6. Do you store/safe my shipping addres?
No Never, we only copy paste your addres to print it, thats all. All our Harddrives are hidden and decrypted to for sure.
7. I hope i dont have to sign for the package?
NO NEVER!! All orders fits the normal mailbox without signing!