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Hello there, I’m BudCentral. Good morning, afternoon, evening, or night; be awake and I’ll help you get baked, Just add Bitcoin.

I Ship everyday but Sunday unless previously arranged.

Please wright you address like this ( If no name is left it will be sent with the name Currant Resident)
John Smith
420 St
Blazervile, WE
I offer Escrow and FE listing the FE listing are cheaper. We now Offer a Tracking number for $25 with every order.

My shipping always has top level stealth, I use zip seal bags, mylar bags and vacuum sealed bags I also offer for a extra fee a stab prof liner, Bubble wrap and a tracking number. I wear gloves when I pack. Your package will arrive just like any other package, no smell, no mess and I pay for shipping.

I offer FE and Escrow Listings of all my listings. the Fe listings are cheaper Price’s and Strains are below

Afghani black FE $165 OZ, $680 Qp, $1360 Hp, $2,600
Afghani Black Escrow $250 Oz, $740 QP, $1,480, $2,960

Black Cherry Cheese Cake FE $170 OZ, $680 Qp, $1360 Hp, $2,600
Black Cherry Cheese Cake Escrow $250 Oz, $740 QP, $1,480, $2,960

Fuchsia Train Wreck FE $170 OZ, $680 Qp, $1360 Hp, $2,600
Fuchsia Train Wreck Escrow $250 Oz, $740 QP, $1,480, $2,960

Williams Wonder FE $165 OZ, $600 Qp, $1200 Hp, $2,400
Williams Wonder Escrow $230 Oz, $675 QP, $1,350, $2,700

Cheese Wrex FE $165 OZ, $600 Qp, $1200 Hp, $2,400
Cheese Wrex Escrow $230 Oz, $675 QP, $1,350, $2,700

Shiska Berry FE $165 OZ, $600 Qp, $1200 Hp, $2,400
Shiska Berry Escrow $230 Oz, $675 QP, $1,350, $2,700

Mixed QP FE $600
Mixed LB FE $2,400

Other listings;
1 Gram Pre Rolled Joint Indoor Medical Grade Big Wreck FE $30
1 Gram Pre Rolled Joint Indoor Medical Grade Big Wreck Escrow $66

2 Pre Rolled Joint Indoor Medical Grade Big Wreck FE $66
2 Pre Rolled Joint Indoor Medical Grade Big Wreck Escrow $120

1 Half Ounce Indoor Medical Grade Big Wreck FE $190
1 Ounce Indoor Medical Grade Big Wreck FE $380

1 Ounce of Bud Shake FE $83
1 Quarter Pound Shake FE $332
1 Half Pound Bud Shake FE $664
1 Pound Bud Shake FE $1,328
5 Pound Bud Shake FE $ 6,600

Feel free to ask me anything, if I don’t reply right away then I will answer next time I log on. Have a great day.

Please use PGP, it makes everything safer.


Medical Benefits of Cannabis BudCentral

1. Cancer
Cannabinoids, the active components of marijuana, inhibit tumor growth in laboratory animals and also kill cancer cells. Western governments have known this for a long time yet they continued to suppress the information so that cannabis prohibition and the profits generated by the drug industry proliferated.

THC that targets cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2 is similar in function to endocannabinoids, which are cannabinoids that are naturally produced in the body and activate these receptors. The researchers suggest that THC or other designer agents that activate these receptors might be used in a targeted fashion to treat lung cancer.

2. Tourette’s Syndrome
Tourette’s syndrome is a neurological condition characterized by uncontrollable facial grimaces, tics, and involuntary grunts, snorts and shouts.

Dr. Kirsten Mueller-Vahl of the Hanover Medical College in Germany led a team that investigated the effects of chemicals called cannabinols in 12 adult Tourette’s patients. A single dose of the cannabinol produced a significant reduction in symptoms for several hours compared to placebo, the researchers reported.

3. Seizures
Marijuana is a muscle relaxant and has “antispasmodic” qualities that have proven to be a very effective treatment for seizures. There are actually countless cases of people suffering from seizures that have only been able to function better through the use of marijuana.

4. Migraines
Since medicinal marijuana was legalized in California, doctors have reported that they have been able to treat more than 300,000 cases of migraines that conventional medicine couldn’t through marijuana.

5. Glaucoma
Marijuana’s treatment of glaucoma has been one of the best documented. There isn’t a single valid study that exists that disproves marijuana’s very powerful and popular effects on glaucoma patients.

6. Multiple Sclerosis
Marijuana’s effects on multiple sclerosis patients became better documented when former talk-show host, Montel Williams began to use pot to treat his MS. Marijuana works to stop the neurological effects and muscle spasms that come from the fatal disease.

7. ADD and ADHD
A well documented USC study done about a year ago showed that marijuana is not only a perfect alternative for Ritalin but treats the disorder without any of the negative side effects of the pharmaceutical.

8. IBS and Crohn’s
Marijuana has shown that it can help with symptoms of the chronic diseases as it stops nausea, abdominal pain, and diarrhea.

9. Alzheimer’s
Despite what you may have heard about marijuana’s effects on the brain, the Scripps Institute, in 2006, proved that the THC found in marijuana works to prevent Alzheimer’s by blocking the deposits in the brain that cause the disease.